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  1. Free Continuing Education training for foster parents across county and agency borders
  2. Georgia Care Partnership (Communities- Faith based, civic, business and individuals have helped strengthen the Foster Care System for over 13 years this way) It works without Privatization and costs much much less!
  3. The metro listings of county orientation/information sessions for adults wanting to be foster parents. 

All North Fulton County orientation and continuing education trainings are held at RUMC (unless otherwise stated) Other counties that provide us with their orientation dates follow

Roswell United Methodist Church
814 Mimosa BLVD
Roswell, GA 30075
NEW ROOM: Building D-226
(in the large yellow victorian house called 'The Dod' - take elevator or steps to 2nd floor, left, around the corner) unless changed to a larger room for  this training

1.Next free FCSF continuing education training

November 13th 2014
“The Journey”, Author Helen Ramaglia- Former foster child, foster parent, adoptive parent presents the workshop: “Equipping Your Foster/Adopted Child with the Tools for Success.”

The two go hand in hand. The topic is a deeper understanding of The Journey and the foster parents role in caring for their child. Foster parents learn how to readjust their way of thinking/parenting/interacting with their foster child.  It’s different, it’s intense and it’s a venue where the foster parent is taken to a place of ‘getting real’ with themselves

This special training will be at 5:30 to 9pm and allow 3 hours and 30 minutes of training credits for you. You don't want to miss this one. You will walk away with a different perspective on what it's like to be a foster child. 

Trainings are limited in seats and those that have registered will be placed on a waiting list and notified if there are cancellations. The October training may change to a larger room if there is more interest due to the nature of the speaker. To reserve a seat for any of these trainings, please rsvp at Please give your name, county, agency, whether you are a foster parent, relative caregiver, caseworker or other and the number that will be attending. We regret that we can not provide child care at this time. light snacks and beverage will be provided. Please allow double traveling time due to the rush hour traffic of the area. Training will start shortly after 5:30. Training certificate will be provided to attendees that are present for the entire training.


2. Foster Care Support - Georgia Care Partnership (GCP) formerly called North Georgia Coalition
(Partnership with the county and our communities- check under our organization tab for full details)
Get involved and learn how you can help strengthen our system to save children. You and your church, neighbors, businesses and civic organizations can make a difference by getting involved, volunteering,  fostering and partnering directly with our partnership between FCSF and our DFCS offices throughout Georgia. We can have all eyes on our kids and have direct communication with the caseworkers to help the children. Check out the orientation tab and read about the Geogia Care Partnership

GCP Foster parent information/orientation meetings for Metro County DFCS
For interest in fostering or adopting directly through our DFCS system:
When children come into care, DFCS first places children into their own available DFCS county homes. If they do not have enough county homes available, they will then have to contract through outside private agencies to place the remainder of the children needing care at a higher cost to our tax payers since payment is not only paid to the foster home in a reimbursement stipend equal to that of a county foster parent but also to the privatized placement agency as a contracting agency for the use of their foster home. 

Children come into the system with a reunification plan, rarely with an adoptive plan. Many are safely reunified which is the primary objective of the foster care system, either with birth parents or with relatives. If reunification is not an option after the case goes under investigation or reunification performance is reviewed as failed, Termination of Parental rights will be the goal. At that time, the fostering family where the child has been placed for a selected amount of time may be the first option for consideration for adoption once family is ruled out. Next in line would be approved State and County homes that are waiting for 'adoption only' placements. Adoption only placements may have a long waiting list since 80% of foster children that are freed for adoption are adopted by their existing foster families.

We can help improve and support the quality and quantity of our county homes by partnering directly with DFCS to help strengthen our Georgia children and work with these families and children. You can do this by becoming a partnership foster parent, respite foster parent, or adoptive parent for your county DFCS. With our communities supporting the caseworkers that are responsible every day for making the decisions for our abused children while guiding the biological families to heal and regain custody of their familiies,  the system, as we know it, can be strengthened to be the best in the nation. We CAN do this together. 'Remember' the things you read in the news are not the whole picture. Hundreds of caseworkers do a great job each day that goes unnoticed until a mistake is made. Good is all around with the caseworkers that improve the lives of children and families each day with their competent and hard work. Let's put our tax dollars to work and our support behind helping strengthening our system to make it the best.


Choose a metro county below for the next information session or email to find out when the next orientation is in your county. If you do not see your county, you can call your County Department of Family and Children services directly for the orientation date and place for becoming foster or adoptive parents. Ask them to contact us to put their dates on our website at no charge


3. County Information session dates and times - for those interested in learning about fostering or adopting

North Fulton County- south Fulton residents may also attend  
Roswell UMC 
814 Mimosa BLVD 
oswell GA 30075
6pm to 8pm

October 7th, 2014

New room and building location - (in the large yellow victorian house called 'The Dod' - take elevator or steps to 2nd floor, left, around the corner)
 - D-221 or 226

FCSF - Rachel Ewald (770) 641-9591
DFCS - Nanette Enabulele
(770) 774-7644

Southwest office orientation-Fulton County
SWSC- North Fulton county can also attend
South West Service Center
515 Fairburn Rd, SW
Atlanta, GA 30331

6pm to 8pm

DFCS - Nanette Enabulele
(770) 774-7644

DeKalb County
178 Sam's Street
Decatur, GA 30030

6:30 to 8:30

Tasheem Roberts  404-309- 8497 April 8th

DeKalb County
2910 Miller Street
Decatur, GA 30035

Tasheem Roberts  404-309- 8497


Forsyth County
426 Canton Rd
Cumming, GA 30040
September 6pm to 8pm TBA

Rebecca Davidson  (770) 781-6715

 Cherokee County 
105 Lamar Haley Parkway
Canton, GA 30114

6:00pm to 7:30pm
Julie Evans (770) 720-3670

Gwinnett County
Clayton Commerce Center
33 S. Clayton Street, Suite 100
Lawrenceville GA 30046

6:30pm to 8:30pm

October 6, 2014
November 3, 2014
December 8, 2014

Elaine Cannick - 678-518-5624
spanish speaking 
Lucy Mockalis  678-518-5600

Cobb County
325 S. Fairground ST.SE
Marietta, GA 30060
(Cobb County's Main Office)
2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30

October 9th, 2014
November 13th, 2014
December 11th, 2014

Cindy Teate  770-319-3712  

if you live in Fannin or Pickens County, please call these caseworkers if you would like to know the dates of their next orientations for fostering or/and adopting

Fannin County DFCS
990 East Main Street, Suite 10
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

706-632-1171 Amy Washuta

Pickens County DFCS

255 Chambers Street
Jasper, GA 330142

Angel Whittmann












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